Mission Statement


To promote a high level of sales and marketing professionalism among members of the SMC through enhanced educational and motivational programs that enable membership to respond to housing challenges, opportunities and trends within our community.

To supplement the value and contribute to the fiscal strength and stability of the BIA.


In order to maintain a high level of sales and marketing techniques among those who represent the Builder and Associate members of the Building Industry Association of the Bay Area (BIA), and to provide the Association with an informed evaluation of the housing issues, trends and needs of our cities in the housing industry as expressed at the marketplace, there is hereby formed, as an affiliate council of the HBANC, a Sales and Marketing Council.


The Goals of the Sales and marketing Council are:

  1. Maintain a high level of professionalism through continuing education, training and the exchange of ideas.
  2. Achieve the highest possible standards of professional and ethical conduct by the members in the performance of their daily duties and responsibilities.
  3. Stimulate sales through member and consumer education of current trends and home buyer resources.
  4. Support the goals and purpose of the BIA Regional Board.
  5. Provide members with networking and mentoring opportunities through events.


The objective of the Sales and Marketing Council is to:

  1. Introduce to its members sales and marketing techniques.
  2. Inform council members of trends in the building and construction industry that have an effect on the sales and marketing processes.
  3. Provide a professional forum for the free exchange of ideas relating to the sales and marketing of real estate properties.
  4. Provide a venue to motivate and recognize sales and marketing professionals and their achievements.
  5. Promote the best interests of the BIA of the Bay Area and the National Association of Home Builders and adhere to the principles and objectives of these organizations.