Department of Real Estate (DRE)

Real Estate Broker License
To obtain a real estate broker license, you must first qualify for and pass a written examination. Those who pass the examination are provided a license application, which must be submitted to and approved by the Department of Real Estate (DRE).

General Requirements
Age:  You must be 18 years of age or older to be issued a license.

ResidenceProof of Legal Presence in the United States is required.

Honesty:  Applicants must be honest and truthful. Conviction of a crime may result in the denial of a license. Failure to disclose any criminal violation or disciplinary action in an applicant’s entire history may also result in the denial of a license.

Experience:  A minimum of two years full-time licensed salesperson   experience within the last five years or the equivalent is required.

Course Requirements

Applicants for a real estate broker license examination must have successfully completed the following eight statutorily required college-level courses:

Three* courses from the following list

Common Interest Developments

*  If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.