New Home Sales Benefit the Community

Posted by: SMCbayarea on April 10, 2013

Holly Schroeder, CEO of the LA chapter of the BIA, wrote a compelling article about who benefits from home sales.

We know that the buyers and builders benefit from the sale of a home. The buyers have a new place to live and the builder has revenue. But what happens if you aren’t a builder? Maybe you’re a landscaper, a local business owner or dog walker? How does that sale help you? What if we told you that you can benefit from that sale as well?

New home construction opens up immediate possibilities for the community and can help sustain those communities for years to come. Schroeder writes:

“According to economists at the National Association of Home Builders, the one-year estimated local impacts of building 100 single-family homes in a typical metro area include $21.1 million in local income, $2.2 million in taxes and other local government revenue, and 324 local jobs.”

When someone moves into a new home in an existing or new community they will likely begin to use the resources around them. They’ll shop at local shops, their kids will attend local schools, they’ll hire local services to help maintain their home, they will be part of the whole that keeps that community going. In the long term, that money will be recycled back into the neighborhood. Schroeder writes:

“The new family also pays local and state taxes. These tax revenues help pay for a wide range of government services, including school teachers, police departments, refuse collection, parks maintenance and road repairs. In the Santa Clarita Valley, fees are paid to build a home that pay for new infrastructure – roads, schools, parks, plus police and fire facilities.”

Families who invest in a newly built home gain many benefits but they also help give back to the community in the long run. Schroeder concludes, “The advantages of new homes extend far beyond the buyers and the builders – residential construction has a positive, direct impact on the local community for years.”

Read the full article here.

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